There are many benefits of choosing the Cabinet Conversions route over a complete remodel:

  • It’s a WISE INVESTMENT!  A cabinet conversion will usually run less than half the cost of a complete remodel.  You achieve the same result with a much lower investment.
  • Lower your stress level!  You don’t have to worry about un-even walls, hidden pipes or electrical wires or other obstructions. And your space remains fully functional throughout the conversion.
  • Give yourself the competitive EDGE!  If you’re thinking of selling, giving your kitchen and baths a fresh, modern look will set your property apart from all the others.  And, you might just fall in love with your home all over again and decide not to sell after all!
  • Save Time!  Instead of weeks, we can give your space a whole new look in mere days.
  • Convenience is Key!  Add all sorts of modern accessories such as self-closing drawer guides or hinges without replacing your whole kitchen or bathroom.
  • It is easy being GREEN!  Preserving the basic framework of your existing cabinetry saves space in the landfill making conversion the environmentally friendly option.
  • Top it off—or not!  We can replace existing countertops or work with existing tops.  It’s up to your taste and your budget.